– Shadow Powers

Hey, hey mama, when you shake that thing,
the air around you begins to sing,
Shuffle those feet all across that floor’
Shake your head to and frow.
Now you’re soul shakin',
Soul Shakin',
Fredericksburg out to San de Cruz,
They Like cornbread,
and they like blues,
when they’re soul shaking

Bacon grease and Poke Salad in that pan,
Make me woman wanna get your man,
I don’t want to give you the wrong impression,
the level of shaking is at your discretion.

When you’re soul shakin',
Soul shakin',

Con se urge mo to Tougaloo,
All they know is the same old truth,
when they’re soul shakin'

Band’s getting hot
getting close to the heat
turn a swampy sweat
to a swampy beat
All God’s children
gotta get their groove
trashy dancers like to do it too

We’re all soul shakin',
Soul Shakin'

I don’t care if you’re East or West
All I know is that you’re the best
when you’re soul Shakin'

I don’t care if you’re North or South
All I know is what you’re about
when you’re
Soul Shakin'