– Shadow Powers

Running headlong in a blinding fury, 
trying to catch that midnight train. 
Burning bridges all in my wake, 
I ain’t going back again. 
El Diablo is at the helm, 
it’s your regular nightmare scene.
One claw’s on the throttle baby, 
the other one’s on the steam.

Sonny’s been in all kinds of trouble, 
both at school and with the cops. 
Not really sure who his daddy is, 
and the welfare checks have stopped. 
Always protesting this or that, 
saying he won’t believe the hype. 
Baby’s living with Grandma now, 
cause Mama’s back on the pipe.

Affirmative action is the new racism, 
hate crimes’ the new thought control. 
But freedom don’t care about the color of your skin,

or what’s in your soul. 
It’s a regular 1984, 
it’s a Brave New World alright. 
The next thing you know, 
they’ll be dragging you away, 
for being straight, Christian and white.

Hoppin’ aboard that moving car, 
done caught the midnight train. 
Careening on forward down the tracks, 
and the destination ain’t plain. 
The phrase “thou mayest” is swirling around, 
and I’m doin’ the best I can.
It’s free will that will free you son, 
It's a gift from God to man.